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Established in 2005, ECell NIT Trichy has had more than decade's worth of experience and history cultivating the spirit of Entrepreneurship in our campus by engaging with its students in inspiring and meaningful ways and working to extend this message beyond the campus walls as well. We have a storied history of incubating and assisting with then-nascent startups who are today's leaders, at the forefront of novel disruptions in their field. We constantly strive to find new and interesting ways to ignite the spirit of creativity and innovation that lies at the core of the startup movement.

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Ventura is an international B-Model competition designed to put aspiring startups through a rigorous process to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to build themselves from the foundation. Through a journey of 4 months, from mentorship to varied resources, we provide a platform for those willing and able to take the next step in the journey of entrepreneurship. With a rich history of now-famous winners and participants, it reflects the event's mission to elevate ideas that have the potential to accelerate the development in their respective sectors.

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This edition of Ventura invites innovative solutions in 5 sectors that we believe are going to change the world.


Fintech has seen a resurgence in interest with ideas like Cryptocurrency, mobile banking and favourable government regulations coming into effect. With billions in funding being poured into this sector, it is purported to be at the forefront of the next digital revolution, allowing for more accessible and varies methods to use financial services.

Clean Tech

As we toe the line beyond which lie the subtle yet significant and more importantly, harmful effects of centuries of pollution, the perogative to preserve and improve the environment has only and continues to grow stronger as the years pass by. Cleantech has emerged as one of the possible solutions to this problem, representing many ideas including sustainable resource management, environmental protection and alternative energy technology. It remains to see how this nascent sector stands to benefit us and help in protecting the big blue marble that we call home.

Deep Tech

Deep Technologies are gaining momentum in defining the new industrial revolution by establishing a knowledge-based economy. Four technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) are the building blocks of these solutions which are set to disrupt every industry. Innovators working with these technologies have been building unique patent-able research based products which are systematically changing our perception as fiction enters real world.


Health and healthcare have pushed into new territory with the advent and application of new technology into this sector to modernize and increase its efficacy on the populace. Within the realm of research, a growing number of research focusing on new and exciting fields such as genetics and methods such as CRISPR making analysis easier, it seems as if the sector is getting a distinct makeover.


The realm of education has begun a path of an ideological renaissance, with numerous teaching and learning techniques surfacing, providing varied solutions to upgrade the archaic system that exists today. One of the most promising ones are in the Edutech sector, which sees a symbiosis of education and technology to further augment ordinary teaching and learning skills to new degrees. There is call for a growing focus on the optimisation of knowledge absorption and teaching efficiency and has a seen a lot of investment in potential solutions.

Event timeline

  1. October - November


    Teams from across the world apply to the challenge under one of the 5 sectors

  2. December

    Announcement of Top 50

    The top 10 teams under each sector are announced

  3. December - January


    7 Week Intensive Mentoring to ensure teams validate their products and have an MVP ready.

  4. January

    Live Mentoring Session

    One on One meet with the mentors as well as access to Pitching Session for Top 50 teams.

  5. February

    Finals at NIT Trichy

    Top 20 teams are invited to pitch to our panel of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

  6. March - May

    Extended Mentoring

    The winners from each track are provided extended mentoring support from our sector partners post Ventura


Arun Venkatesh

CTO, Villgro Innovations

Ashish Sharma

CEO, Paysense

Bipin RR

VP and Head, Digital Services, Tata Elexsi

Dayal Nathan

Founder, Energyly

Dorai Thodla

Founder, iMorph

Namrata Chauhan

Fintech Lab Lead, Virtusa

Naveen Balani

IoT and Cognitive Leader, Accenture

Vipul Kumar

Global Director, Ennovent


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